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I have found that in very uncertain times, besides turning to our loved ones here on earth or to those

in spirit, I've observed that people

are in need of turning to faith.

It is something we can grasp on to. 

At some point, we can feel its presence and that alone can ease

the burden of our daily lives

and give us HOPE. 


My keepsake pieces are designed to allow you to forever have a memento to honor or remember, someone, 

something, or an event that is near and dear to your heart. Each piece can be made with meaningful elements such as ashes, petals from funeral arrangements, wedding bouquets, baby's first hair cut...

there are endless possibilities!


I work with authentic ancient coins, the most well known -Biblical Widow’s  Mites, Chi-Rho symbol coins, Constantine the Great and some from the Herod Agrippa era and more. Also, ancient Roman glass pieces are set

into one of a kind jewelry items showing its iridescent beauty. Earth from the Holy Land

is also used from a Tel Megiddo archeological dig. Each piece of jewelry I hand craft is accompanied by factual descriptions and a certificate of authenticity.

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