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His Hand Jewelry holds a

special place in my heart.

My memorial pendants came to be when my young nephew was killed in an alcohol related auto accident.  Our family wanted Danny to still be with us and with God’s help, we found a way. By using metal and glass vessels, I lovingly filled them with his ashes. I also used flowers from his funeral arrangements, snips of his favorite t-shirts, or the sacred earth where he was laid to rest. The comfort from wearing such a sentimental piece brought about both healing and a timeless attachment.

Created from 

The Heart


Handcrafted with respect

and love, my jewelry is customized to bring you

comfort and connection

using special mementos

most cherished by you!

My uniquely inspired pieces range from $49-$89.


Because I personally hand make each piece for you, you and I

will communicate every step of the way to ensure satisfaction

of your one of a kind keepsake from start to finish!

Contact me today

to get started.


From honeymoon momentos, cherished photos, ashes, or other elements from your loved one can be creatively placed inside of a charm or vessel to create a customized piece of jewelry. The charms and vessels can range in size, shape, and color.

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